How To?


E-mail Notification

You will receive an instant e-mail notification each time a dealer places a price offer on your request.

Private Messages

When you receive price offers, you can communicate directly with the dealer through our private messaging system.

No Obligation

You still always free to choose the best offer for you and to contact the dealer with no obligation to buy the vehicle.

Unlimited Requests

You can submit unlimited number of price requests for various car models and many year trims

Why car dealers love Cartagus?

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Frequently Asked Questions

When a dealer sends you an offer, you can communicate with him via our integrated  private messaging system or by phone displayed in his profile page.

When you submit your price request, dealers have 72 hours to send you their best offers. You can start contacting dealers before the end of this period.

  • Don’t set a very low budget in relation to market value.
  • Submit more than one request with alternative years, makes or models to touch more vehicles available in dealers stock.

How to?


Respond to requests

When you visit the price request page, you will find after the request requirements a form to submit your best price offer. You must be logged in to be able to fill and send your offer.


Add Car Pictures

Under the text area where you can give more details about the car, you will find a camera icon. Clicking on this icon let you upload up to 10 pictures from your computer or from your camera (mobile devices).


Add Car Video

You can easly add videos to your price offer details by inserting the links of these videos from Youtube or Vimeo directly in the text area where you describe your vehicle.


Be contacted by Buyer

When a buyer is interested in your offer, he can send you private message or contact you by phone if displayed in your profile page. Note that a notification will be displayed when you receive a private message.


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